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  1. Amos Yee free, with Skittles

    Amos Yee granted asylum in the US after Department of Homeland Security appeal dismissed

    The court wrote in its ruling that Yee had a "well founded fear of future persecution" if returned to Singapore, according to the teen blogger's ...
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    Amos Yee asylum appeal 'likely to be expedited': Lawyer

    US lawyer Christopher Keeler says Yee is likely to remained detained until his case is final and, should there be an appeal on the decision, he ...
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    Singapore diplomat hits back at The Economist again

    High Commissioner to the UK Foo Chi Hsia says Singapore's laws on contempt do not prevent fair criticisms of court judgements, contrary to ...
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    Amos Yee asylum: 'Prerogative of the US' to take in people who engage in hate speech, says MHA

    Singapore takes a 'very different approach' to the United States, which allows the burning of the Quran in the name of freedom of speech, says MHA.
  5. amos yee Sep 29

    Teen blogger Amos Yee granted US asylum

    Immigration judge Samuel Cole concluded that the Singapore Government "persecuted Amos Yee on account of his political opinion", according to the ...
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    Amos Yee's 'humanitarian release' from detention denied: Law firm

    Amos Yee, who is seeking asylum in the US, was denied humanitarian release by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement and will remain in detention ...
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    Amos Yee’s US asylum application could take years: Lawyers

    The teen blogger’s first asylum hearing will take place on Jan 30, according to the law firm representing him.
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    Amos Yee detained in the US, 'seeking political asylum', his mother says

    "The matter is now with his lawyers," his mother Mary Toh said in a Facebook post.
  9. amos yee Sep 29

    Amos Yee gets 6 weeks' jail for wounding religious feelings

    The 17-year-old was also ordered to pay a fine of S$2,000 for defying two notices to turn up at a police station to give his statement.