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    Commentary: Lawyers may have to grapple with big data soon

    Human judgment will remain a crucial ingredient but legal practice will likely be augmented by artificial intelligence in the future, say two ...
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    Commentary: Many may be forgotten if data drives public policy

    A smart thing to do is to acknowledge that data by itself is not inherently smart and won’t automatically lead to the best solutions to social or ...
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    Commentary: What a tech education today for a digital workforce tomorrow looks like

    We need to drastically multiply our digital education efforts to ensure Singapore's workforce has the relevant skills to fulfill its Digital ...
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    Commentary: The superpowers big data and analytics are quietly giving banks

    Banks are becoming smarter, more responsive and able to predict important events, such as when an ATM is going to fail, reveals DBS Bank’s Paul ...
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    Commentary: Why do companies need to seek consent when your data is available everywhere?

    When it comes to data protection, companies should focus on big data trends and think about what careful stewardship of customer information looks ...