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  1. Shark being dragged

    Three Florida men charged after shark-dragging video goes viral

  2. Yoyi

    Dogs dragged to their death, starved and abused: The rising number of animal cruelty reports

    AVA attributed the increase to greater awareness of animal welfare, as well as an increased willingness to report and provide useful information.
  3. Brownie_Sharpened

    Man jailed 20 months for animal cruelty in deaths of two poodles

  4. (pp) Dolphin 1

    Indonesian travelling shows where dolphins perform in the name of education

    More than 90 dolphins are held in captivity in Indonesia and trained to perform tricks in shows as part of the country’s so-called conservation ...
  5. dog run 2

    Commentary: Baby steps towards First World animal welfare in Singapore

    The recently released code of conduct for pet owners not only educates them on expected standards of care, it also sets the right tone for animal ...
  6. Sharpy the horse

    Gallop Stable guilty of animal cruelty, fined S$9,000

    A retired racehorse named Sharpy was found in poor condition at the stable's premises in Pasir Ris in May 2013 by Agri-Food and Veterinary ...
  7. New Content Item

    Man jailed 18 weeks for abusing, killing cat in Tampines

    Fajar Ashraf Fajar Ali was seen slamming a cat onto the floor at Block 884 Tampines Street 83, after throwing it from the 10th floor.