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  1. Pet owners want to be masters, not servants - why we value dogs more than cats

    NParks to work with pet industry to raise standards, enhance traceability

  2. FILE PHOTO: Gucci logo is seen in a store at Fiumicino airport in Rome

    French fashion group Kering sets guidelines on animal welfare

    French fashion group Kering, whose brands include Gucci and Saint Laurent, said it had set out internal guidelines for dealing with the welfare of ...
  3. Platinium missing dog

    Commentary: Want stronger protection for animals? Empower animal welfare groups to carry out enforcement

    Countries like New Zealand and Australia empower their SPCA-equivalent to bring animal offenders to justice, President of SOSD Dr Siew Tuck Wah ...
  4. House cat file photo

    Woman fined for breeding cats for sale without licence

  5. Korea dog rescue

    Commentary: If everyone detests puppy mills, why do they still exist?

    Prospective dog owners should educate themselves, and avoid buying from puppy mills, says animal welfare group SOSD's Dr Siew Tuck Wah.
  6. (ry) Jaime in the midst of cutting fish fat

    Want lovelier fins? Pet fish get cosmetic fixes, as owners angle for perfection

    Such beauty enhancements are practised by fish traders in Singapore, and in demand among arowana and koi owners. But some are questioning the ...
  7. New Content Item

    AVA appoints Cat Welfare Society to mediate cat-related issues

  8. (pp) Tapestry dog1

    Thailand’s stray dogs given new chance at life

    In Thailand, a group of people strive to give stray dogs a new chance at life. But their battle to change how Thais view the animals is a tough one.
  9. New Content Item

    AVA to roll out 5-year sterilisation programme of stray dogs

  10. dog run 2

    Commentary: Baby steps towards First World animal welfare in Singapore

    The recently released code of conduct for pet owners not only educates them on expected standards of care, it also sets the right tone for animal ...