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  1. Zoom call with elephants

    For US$75, you can Zoom with elephants in Thailand and help fund their care

    Support elephant welfare by making a trunk video call to these gentle giants in Northern Thailand.
  2. dog 3

    Pet adoption to get more support amid COVID-19 pandemic: MND

  3. Pet owners want to be masters, not servants - why we value dogs more than cats

    NParks to work with pet industry to raise standards, enhance traceability

  4. Platinium missing dog

    Commentary: Want stronger protection for animals? Empower animal welfare groups to carry out enforcement

    Countries like New Zealand and Australia empower their SPCA-equivalent to bring animal offenders to justice, President of SOSD Dr Siew Tuck Wah ...
  5. Korea dog rescue

    Commentary: If everyone detests puppy mills, why do they still exist?

    Prospective dog owners should educate themselves, and avoid buying from puppy mills, says animal welfare group SOSD's Dr Siew Tuck Wah.