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    Seniors at greater risk of choking on dietary supplements

  2. A resident uses an electric fan to escape the heat before performing yoga with others at Times Squa

    In extreme heat, electric fans inadvisable unless it's humid

    In extreme heat, electric fans may offer some relief when it's very humid, but when temps are dangerously high and humidity is low, fans can ...
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    Few supplements have proven heart benefits

  4. Smell nose medical

    Keen sense of smell linked to longer life, US study suggests

  5. FILE PHOTO: Springfield Armory M1A rifles are displayed during the annual National Rifle Associatio

    Many older US gun owners don't store firearms safely

    Roughly one-third of older people in the U.S. may live in households with guns and a new study suggests that many of those firearms are not stored ...
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    Financial scam victims have higher risk of Alzheimer's

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    Custom pain creams do little for chronic pain relief

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    New EPA rule may hinder health research