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  1. How to relieve stress unsplash nathan dumlao

    Commentary: How to know if you have burnout? Four questions to ask yourself

    You're likely to suffer burnout if you're pushed beyond your ability to cope for long periods of time, says South Australian Health & Medical ...
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    Use of Valium and Xanax for pain rising in US

  3. depression cognitive behaviour therapy

    Commentary: From sick care to ‘well care’, here’s how to end the mental health stigma

    Each dollar invested in treatment for depression and anxiety can generate a return of four times more in terms of improved well-being and ...
  4. PSLE

    Commentary: A hyper-competitive culture is breeding severe test anxiety among many students

    The cases one clinical psychologist has seen suggests the idea that academic achievement is a necessary ingredient to obtain lifelong success can ...
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    Commentary: Negative thoughts over a bad exam grade aren't just harmful, they're also baseless

    Dwelling on those negative thoughts from unexpectedly bad exam results can make such a thinking pattern addictive, but there are ways to manage ...
  6. Mindfulness

    What is mindfulness? Nobody really knows and that’s a problem

  7. How to stop your kids biting his nails

    How to stop your kid from biting his nails

  8. When anxiety masks a mediacl problem

    When anxiety or depression masks a medical problem

    Depression can be an early sign of an underlying medical condition not yet recognised such as thyroid disease, heart attack, cancers of the lung ...
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    Dollar bounces on Fed talk, sterling wobbles on Brexit anxiety

    The dollar index, which tracks the greenback against six major rival currencies, edged up 0.1 per cent to 99.754, It moved off a low of 98.858 ...