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  1. RydeLUXE premium ride hailing service

    Miss 'Business Class' travel? There’s a new premium ride-hailing service in Singapore

    Singapore ride-hailing firm Ryde announced that it will be launching RydeLUXE on Apr 29 – a new premium ride service.
  2. Ep 5
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    Ep 5: Ahead Of Their Time: Polaroid & TikTok

    We’ve always been obsessed with making and sharing videos. Two game-changing companies have met our need for shareability: Polaroid in the 1970s, ...
  3. Ep 4
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    Ep 4: Ahead of Their Time: Horn and Hardart & TiffinLabs

    The restaurant industry has been radically overhauled by companies like Horn & Hardart and their revolutionary Automat, and TiffinLabs ...
  4. Grab's CEO Anthony Tan speaks during Grab's fifth anniversary news conference in Singapore

    Commentary: Anthony Tan, the ‘unabashedly ambitious’ man behind Grab

    With Grab’s impending US$35 billion valuation, CEO Anthony Tan is poised to make history, say the Financial Times’ Mercedes Ruehl and Stefania Palma.
  5. Theodoric Chew

    He left school at 16 and later started an app to address mental healthcare in Asia

    A string of failed business ventures started while studying at Raffles Institution and a battle with anxiety led Theodoric Chew, 25, to start ...
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    Greening The Net

    Life has gotten more digital than ever before. But when it comes to greenhouse gases, the Internet is responsible for 2% of global emissions. What ...
  7. TP ep 34 - loot boxes
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    Ep 34: The Hidden Dangers Of Loot Boxes

    Talking Point investigates the dangers of Loot Boxes. Why it’s making our kids spend big money and is it turning our children to gambling?   
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    Ep 1: Should We Be Afraid Of TikTok?

    Why would the US and India even try to ban a platform for silly videos? And why would such a ban hit India's rural poor? Is there more to TikTok ...
  9. TP ep 25 - youth suicide
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    Ep 25: Can Technology Save My Child?

    Online search engines, social media and video sharing platforms. These are the avenues where youngsters source for information and share their ...