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  1. Google Maps now has five new tabs

    Google Maps turns 15: Here are 6 things you didn’t know you could use it for

    Did you know it can help you find your way around a carpark or that you can create a list of places to go with your friends?
  2. The logo of Apple

    Apple reinstates OurPact parental control app removed over privacy concerns

    Apple Inc this week restored a software application to its App Store that let parents control their children's iPhone usage after removing it in ...
  3. taxi stock pix

    Commentary: Shortening the waiting time for your cab with a driver guidance system

    There is a solution that can help match taxi demand and supply better – and it isn’t surge pricing, says one Singapore Management University ...
  4. app_Credit_Ministry of Communications

    Commentary: Another Government app? Complain, sure, but after trying it

    News of two more e-Government apps may underwhelm, but don’t knock them till you try them. And if you do criticise them, do it with the intention ...
  5. New Content Item

    Commentary: Our convenience is coming at a (security) cost

    In the fine balance between giving up our personal and financial details for services that make our lives easier, and safeguarding our digital ...