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  1. A computer screen shows an inaccessible Facebook page after government decided to shut down social

    Commentary: Social media shutdowns don't reduce violence but fuel it further

    Not a single shutdown has followed with any sort of evidence that it worked to protect public safety, says Stanford University Jan Rydzak.
  2. People wave Algerian national flags during a protest calling on President Abdelaziz Bouteflika to q

    Commentary: Is a second Arab Spring underway in Algeria?

    Algerians will be fighting to wrest democratic control from a political elite that has used the country’s oil wealth to ensure its own survival at ...
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    UN rights experts urge Saudi Arabia to halt six imminent executions

  4. A roll pictures featuring Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

    Commentary: Why can’t America just take out Assad?

    History suggests it would be a big mistake.
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    George Yeo on the Singaporean identity

    The Singapore identity is complex and dynamic. "We will never stop worrying about it," said the former Cabinet minister at the S Rajaratnam Lecture.