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  1. Batik Singapore Oniatta Effendi Baju (4)

    Dye dye must try: Singapore’s batik culture gets a fashion and art makeover

    With batik seeing a resurgence in popularity in recent years, CNA Lifestyle takes a quick look at how the art form has been embraced as well as ...
  2. Banksy in Tokyo

    Banksy in Tokyo? City launches probe

    Tokyo is trying to verify if a drawing of a rat holding an umbrella that has been sprayed near a station is the work of the famous and mysterious ...
  3. Yang Derong Face of the day SG exhibition 1

    Designer Yang Derong puts his best face forward – all 400 of them

    As his art exhibition at the National Museum Of Singapore prepares to open on Jan 18, the National Day Parade art director reflects on what style ...
  4. Watches with artsy dials

    From mysterious felines to comic book characters: Watches with artsy dials

    No subject matter is too outre for watchmakers to apply to their watch dials. CNA Lifestyle highlights some of the most exuberant artistic ...
  5. An inflatable of Belgian comics series character Tintin is paraded during the Balloon's Day

    Commentary: Tintin, the eternal youth who just turned 90

    There are a number of reasons why we should celebrate Tintin, a character that has contributed immensely, says one observer.
  6. Banksy Wales Christmas Welsh Port Talbot graffiti

    Banksy gifts Welsh steel town a white Christmas attraction

  7. Both Kim and Trump are 'masters of political shows' says the artist Lim Young-sun

    Kim shoots Trump dead in South Korea art satire

    Kim Jong Un, a smoking pistol in his hand, looks down at the dead body of Donald Trump, sprawled on a red carpet next to a metal bag overflowing ...
  8. The painting which depicts a young boy's childhood covers the outside of giant storage

    South Korea grain silo transforms into world's largest mural

    A dreary grain silo that was transformed into an enormous colourful artwork in South Korea has been named by Guinness World Records as the largest ...
  9. FILE PHOTO: World Jewish Congress president Lauder speaks during a ceremony commemorating the 75th

    Jewish leader says Germany dragging heels on looted art

    Germany is shirking its responsibility for the Holocaust by dragging its heels on returning art confiscated by the Nazis, and failing to crack ...