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  1. Children's Biennale 2019 National Gallery Singapore Memories of Fireflies_mod

    Cosmic bridges, music with plush balls and more at this year’s Children’s Biennale

    The second edition of the National Gallery Singapore’s popular event revolves around the theme Embracing Wonder and features 11 works by artists ...
  2. The image of the little girl holding up a flare, in the style of the Statue of Liberty

    Banksy in Venice? New work appears, video purportedly shows artist in city

    The mysterious British artist Banksy has apparently left his mark on a crumbling wall in Venice, and even claimed to have set up an unlicensed art ...
  3. Royal Collection Trust staff pose beside some of Leonardo Da Vinci's anatomical studies at A L

    Leonardo da Vinci drawings go on display at Buckingham Palace

    Leonardo da Vinci's thumbprint and preparatory sketches for some of his most famous works are going on display to the public at Buckingham Palace, ...
  4. Song-Ming Ang at the filming of Recorder Rewrite_mod

    The artist who brought the sound of Singapore to the Venice Biennale

    CNA Luxury meets Song-Ming Ang in Venice – the artist who went from copying Justin Bieber’s autograph to showing at the world's most prestigious ...
  5. A Claude Monet painting from his celebrated "Meules" (Haystacks) series drew $110.7

    Monet painting draws US$110.7m at New York auction

    A Claude Monet painting from his celebrated "Meules" (Haystacks) series drew US$110.7 million in New York on Tuesday in an auction record for the ...
  6. Singapore Venice Biennale 2019 Song-Ming Ang Recorder Rewrite_1

    Singapore puts the humble recorder in the celebrated Venice Biennale spotlight

    Artist Song-Ming Ang and curator Michelle Ho's Music For Everyone makes the musical instrument from every Singaporean's childhood an international ...
  7. Remarkable Living Destinations Thailand Design centre HERO

    Forget Ari or Thong Lo – Bangkok’s coolest neighbourhood is Charoenkrung

    When the Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) relocated from Sukhumvit in 2017, it became home to a community of creatives, as well as cafes ...
  8. Remarkable Living Access Edmund Ng 9

    Inside the home of the Singapore architect who built a love letter to his wife

    Award-winning architect Edmund Ng, renowned for his visionary yet timeless work, takes us on a tour of a recent project: His own home with ...
  9. Hermes In Motion exhibition

    Hermes brings rare treasures from its archives to Singapore, including its very first scarf

    Hermes Heritage – In Motion will take you through the ages, providing a glimpse into its journey from harness-maker and saddler into the present-day.