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  1. The Louvre holds the 'Mona Lisa', the most famous of the Tuscan's paintings

    Leonardo show smashes Louvre's all-time record

    Nearly 1.1 million people flocked to see a blockbuster Leonardo da Vinci exhibition at the Louvre in Paris before it closed Monday -- an all-time ...
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    Ep 5: Born To Art

    From a group of senior citizens attempting to put up a flamenco performance to Zero, an award-winning graffiti artist, we shine a light on ...
  3. Scott Lynn, CEO and founder of Masterworks, poses next to a Banksy artwork in New York

    Investing in the art world is now just a click away

    Owning a piece of art is not just for the ultra-wealthy anymore.
  4. A woman looks a the Rubik Mona Lisa (2005) by French street artist Invader is displayed at ArtCuria

    An auction with a twist: Mona Lisa made of Rubik's Cubes goes on sale in Paris

    The 2005 work by French urban artist Invader uses the plastic puzzles' squares to create a mosaic of the famous painting.
  5. Benesse House

    How this sleepy island became one of Japan’s most exciting destinations

    Up until the early 90s, Naoshima was a remote island in Japan’s Seto Inland Sea, with an ailing fishing and copper smelting industry. Today, it is ...
  6. French designer Agnes b

    Why fashion's fairy grandmother Agnes b wants 'to have nothing to do with fashion'

    The legendary French designer is opening Fab, her own art gallery in an up-and-coming corner of Paris.
  7. Graffiti artist Banksy's new nativity scene is located in Bethlehem

    Mysterious artist Banksy’s latest work is a dark nativity scene in Bethlehem

    It features baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph backlit through damaged concrete, with the words “love” and “peace”.