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  1. Kanjuro Kiritake, a Bunraku puppeteer, performs Japan's traditional puppet drama called '

    Traditional Bunraku puppets help Japanese master endure COVID-19 shutdown

    Kanjuro Kiritake is 67, and the pandemic has deepened his fears about the continuing legacy of his art.
  2. The Hokusai drawings are available to view online and will feature in a future, free exhibition

    British Museum acquires 'lost' drawings of Japan's Hokusai

    The British Museum said Thursday it had acquired 103 "lost" drawings from the 19th century of Japanese artist Hokusai, whose internationally ...
  3. A deal between the UAE and Israel led to the first ever commercial flight from Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi

    Arab artists boycott UAE after Israel deal

    The United Arab Emirates' move to pursue normalisation with Israel has prompted a backlash from Arab artists and intellectuals, who are boycotting ...
  4. Custom-made, diamond encrusted gold coronavirus mask, being made in Israel

    Jeweller makes US$1.5 million gold COVID-19 mask for art collector

    Art rather than ostentation is the rationale behind the world's most expensive coronavirus mask, say the Israeli jewellers who are crafting the ...
  5. Scientists make 3-D reconstruction of face of Renaissance master Raphael

    Renaissance master Raphael did a nose-job in self-portrait, face reconstruction suggests

    His nose in the famous portrait looked "more refined" and "slightly more prominent", according to a Rome University scientist.
  6. Rembrandt self portrait

    Rembrandt, Miro, Banksy fetch millions at Sotheby's virtual art auction

    Six bidders were after Rembrandt's self-portrait and it eventually sold for S$25.8 million.
  7. Auction houses turn to livestreaming

    To re-engage the global art-buying crowd, auction houses turn to livestreaming

    Thanks to the latest technology, the multimillion-dollar top end of the art market can still sparkle in the gloom of a pandemic.
  8. Brother Nut, Chinese performance artist, poses for a picture in Shanghai

    Chinese artist holds his tongue in protest of pandemic censorship

    To protest censorship during the COVID-19 outbreak, a Chinese artist known as Brother Nut kept his mouth shut for 30 days, using metal clasps, ...
  9. FILE PHOTO: 92nd Academy Awards - Vanity Fair - Beverly Hills

    Filmmaker Ava DuVernay aims to hold police accountable through art

    Filmmaker Ava DuVernay is urging writers, dancers, poets and other artists to help make the names of abusive police officers as well known as ...