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  1. Singapore artist hangs gold-coloured sheets at HDB block in Jalan Rajah

    Gold 'flags' hung by artist Priyageetha Dia removed after residents said they look like joss paper

    The gold coloured sheets hung by Singapore artist Priyageetha Dia at Block 103 Jalan Rajah has been taken down.
  2. Jackson Pollock painting

    Brazil museum selling prized Jackson Pollock to stay afloat

  3. Susan Huang, official calligrapher of Vice President Chen Chien-jen, says the art helps cultivate

    Character building: Taiwan's presidential calligraphers

  4. The painting had belonged to Kojiro Matsukata, a businessman who collected Western art

    Missing Monet returns home to Japan

  5. This handout photo shows a French customs officer holding the recovered  painting

    Stolen Degas painting found on a bus near Paris

  6. Obama portraits

    Obama unveils official portraits, jokes about wife's 'hotness'

    Former US President Barack Obama joked about his ears and gray hair and praised his wife Michelle Obama's "hotness" at the unveiling of the ...
  7. Gold toilet

    Guggenheim offered Trumps a gold toilet in lieu of a Van Gogh

  8. Superhero Me (Zixuan, Chloe, Ei Ei)

    Young girl with special needs shapes her Garden through clay art

    Wheelchair user Sow Zixuan’s ceramic installation Garden is among the works showcased at Superhero Me’s inclusive art exhibit Is Anyone Home? at ...
  9. A customer drinks a 'Selfieccino' coffee at the Tea Terrace in London

    London cafe unveils the 'selfieccino' - self portraits in froth

    A cafe in London is taking barista art to a new level by giving customers the chance to sip on their own self-portraits.