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  1. Precious Mhone, co-curator of a multi-disciplinary exhibition of African artists stands amongst wor

    Foreign buyers flock to Cape Town's booming art scene

    Collectors from America and Europe are scouring Cape Town's booming art scene in search of deals as diverse as an expressive oil painting by South ...
  2. SIRI HOUSE Dempsey - Exterior

    A serving of luxury Thai condo or immersive theatre to go with your main course

    Multi-concept venues mixing retail, art and culture with dining options are gaining traction among increasingly discerning customers, observes ...
  3. George Michael Collection Untitled

    Christie's George Michael collection includes Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin

    Two years after his death, George Michael’s prized art collection, featuring works by Young British Artists (YBAs), will be auctioned at a ...
  4. Open House 2011 Marine Parade 3

    Kampong spirit and kaypoh intentions: 10 years of letting strangers into our homes

    OH! Open House has spent a decade doing art tours inside Singapore homes. Which neighbourhood has been the most welcoming? And why did a property ...
  5. Andre Wee_HERO_ComB

    This is SG75 – meet the Singaporean using AI to champion sustainability

    Digital artist Andre Wee's A Better Tomorrow series at the MeshMinds 2.0: ArtxTechForGood exhibition hopes to spark conversation about a ...
  6. People stand next to the art piece "Ninot, 2019", which depicts Spain's King Felipe,

    Art or show? 200,000 euros to burn down a statue of Spain's king

    If you want a 4-metre (13-foot) sculpture of Spain's King Felipe and have a spare 200,000 euros (US$228,000) you are in luck. There's just one catch:
  7. India Art fair 2018

    Commentary: When contemporary art becomes a tool of soft power competition

    The two rising powers in Asia, China and India, are using art as a means to win over investors and the global intelligentsia, says Associate ...
  8. Qimmyshimmy

    'I get very rude comments about my work, but it's okay': Singapore artist Qimmyshimmy

    She often gets rude messages about her sculptures of deformed babies and innards, but artist Lim Qixuan says she enjoys reading the comments about ...
  9. A screen grab taken from video footage shows a man walking with a painting by prominent artist Arkh

    Russian police detain suspect after bold gallery heist

    Russian police said they had detained a suspect after a painting was stolen from a Moscow gallery on Sunday, when the thief strolled unchallenged ...
  10. FILE PHOTO: People view new Banksy image in Port Talbot

    Banksy 'snow' pollution mural sold for more than US$130,000

    A mural by elusive British street artist Banksy depicting a child enjoying falling snow that is in fact pollution from a burning bin has been sold ...