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  1. French designer Agnes b

    Why fashion's fairy grandmother Agnes b wants 'to have nothing to do with fashion'

    The legendary French designer is opening Fab, her own art gallery in an up-and-coming corner of Paris.
  2. Graffiti artist Banksy's new nativity scene is located in Bethlehem

    Mysterious artist Banksy’s latest work is a dark nativity scene in Bethlehem

    It features baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph backlit through damaged concrete, with the words “love” and “peace”.
  3. New immersive art display at Gardens by the Bay | Video
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    New immersive art display at Gardens by the Bay | Video

    New immersive art displays will open at Gardens by the Bay on Sunday (Dec 15) as part of events to mark Singapore's Bicentennial. Kelly Wong gets ...
  4. Murals
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    One man's murals capturing the essence of olden Singapore remind us that sometimes, it's best to slow down in life with a cup of kopi.
  5. Danielle Tay, Singapore artist

    How one Singaporean artist is trying to make the world a happier place

    Noted for her vibrant, nature-inspired words, artist Danielle Tay was recently approached by Superhero Me and Rainbow Centre to create activity ...
  6. The painting Christ Mocked by Cimabue

    Lost Italian Renaissance painting found in kitchen sells for 24 million euros

    The painting, measuring just 20cm by 26cm, is by 13th century Italian master Cimabue.
  7. Yoshitomo Nara - Knife Behind Back

    This adorably sinister Nara painting just sold for S$34 million, a world record

    Ten minutes was all it took for the monumental artwork, touted as the biggest Nara piece to ever appear at auction, to be sold.
  8. Banksy pop-up store 3

    Graffiti artist Banksy opens pop-up shop in London in trademark dispute

    The mini art exhibition in Croydon is in response to a greetings card company that launched a legal bid to use his name to sell "fake" merchandise.