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  1. Danielle Tay, Singapore artist

    How one Singaporean artist is trying to make the world a happier place

    Noted for her vibrant, nature-inspired words, artist Danielle Tay was recently approached by Superhero Me and Rainbow Centre to create activity ...
  2. Remarkable Living Destinations Thailand Design centre HERO

    Forget Ari or Thong Lo – Bangkok’s coolest neighbourhood is Charoenkrung

    When the Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) relocated from Sukhumvit in 2017, it became home to a community of creatives, as well as cafes ...
  3. Palestinian diorama artist Majdi Abu Taqeya works on a miniature carved from remnants of Israeli am

    Gaza border protests provide artist with inspiration, and raw materials

    One year on from the start of Gaza's border protests, the weekly clashes with Israeli soldiers have become part of the texture of life in the ...
  4. Dutch artist Rajacenna draws photo-realistic pencil portraits with both hands simultaneously in Vla

    Double Dutch: Artist draws with both hands at once

    Some artists draw with their left hand and some with their right, but Dutch artist Rajacenna van Dam manages photo-like accuracy drawing with both ...
  5. Zai Kuning at the Venice Biennale 3

    The pavilions with pulling power: What’s exciting the art-loving crowd at the Venice Biennale

    Aside from Singapore, these are some of our favourites exhibits from the participating nations.