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  1. FILE PHOTO: A woman watches the Chinese documentary "Days and Nights in Wuhan" following

    Commentary: Is this the end of movie theatres in Singapore as we know it?

    Cinemas have had it bad with curbs on audience sizes but there’s little to doubt we will fly back once it’s safe to again, says Nikki Draper of ...
  2. COVID-19 dealt a big blow to the T.H.E Dance Company. But its dancers hung on.

    Despite struggling to draw digital audiences, a dance company persists in the pandemic

    A year ago, the circuit breaker seemed the final nail in the coffin of the T.H.E Dance Company. But its founder has defied the odds so far. He ...
  3. Office discussion meeting

    Commentary: Hire an arts graduate to formulate business strategy. Why not?

    With several new autonomous universities emerging in the last few years and a new arts university on the horizon, employers must embrace ...
  4. The Big Read: The Substation story (3)

    Commentary: Furore over The Substation is opportunity for better understanding of arts funding

    In the arts, it is difficult to measure returns on investment based solely on numbers, says former Nominated Member of Parliament Audrey Wong.
  5. Ep 4
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    Ep 4: Fashion Nation

    Fancy a Lion City hairdo? For his new photo series, photographer Jayden Tan explores uniquely Singaporean fashion in the early years of our ...