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  1. Insight FY2021 ep 27
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    Ep 27: Poverty In Asia: India

    COVID-19 has sent India's once red hot economy into a tailspin and left tens of millions of people jobless. But it's the poor who've been hit the ...
  2. Insight FY2021 ep 20
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    Ep 20: India's Climate Disaster

    Can India mitigate the adverse impact of climate change without jeopardising its economic growth?
  3. FILE PHOTO: Flood-affected villagers disembark a boat after they reached a safer place at Kachua vi

    Floods, COVID-19 hobble two of India's poorest states

    Floods caused by heavy monsoon rains in two of India's poorest states have displaced or affected 8 million people and killed 111 since May, ...
  4. People gather near the bridge that is damaged due to the flood at Raghu Ganga River in Myagdi

    Floods in India, Nepal displace nearly 4 million people, at least 189 dead

    Nearly four million people in India's northeastern state of Assam and neighbouring Nepal have been displaced by heavy flooding from monsoon rains, ...
  5. Activists of Socialist Unity Centre of India (SUCI) shout slogans during a protest against what the

    Commentary: How my mother briefly became an illegal immigrant in India

    India’s citizenship list exercise in Assam is incredibly problematic, says Angshuman Choudhury.