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  1. SCDF woodleigh

    Response to Woodleigh incident appropriate: Security experts

    Such a response is important in light of global terrorism, they say.
  2. emotional intelligence

    Commentary: 4 signs you have emotional intelligence

    Why do some people have more emotional intelligence (EQ) than others and how do we measure EQ?
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    Framework being developed for banks to assess green practices of borrowers

    The Singapore Institute of International Affairs is working with the UN Environment Programme and the Monetary Authority of Singapore to come up ...
  4. New Content Item

    No haze from South Sumatra this year, Indonesian governor promises

    South Sumatra governor Alex Noerdin pledged this at the fourth Sustainable World Resources dialogue, even as climatologists expect drier weather ...
  5. Associate Professor Khairudin Aljuined

    Imam Nalla case: Suspended NUS prof apologises, expected to resume duties

    NUS has given Associate Professor Khairudin Aljunied a letter of warning.
  6. imam leaving court

    Remarks by imam on Christians, Jews 'have no place in today’s Singapore': MUIS

    The comments made by Nalla Mohamed Abdul Jameel during Friday sermon had "caused confusion and suspicion among non-Muslims and damaged the image ...
  7. A childcare centre. (AFP/File/Roslan Rahman)

    Commentary: Do you look like your name?

    The stereotype that a given society has of a first name can influence the way people look, says Associate Professor Anne Laure Sellier.
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    Number of foster families in Singapore up 70% in three years

    As a result, the Ministry of Social and Family Development has been able to place nearly 40 per cent more children in foster care since 2013.
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    Singapore targets 1,000 more infant educarers by 2020

    The Ministry of Social and Family Development will introduce a new diploma along with a Professional Development Programme to attract interest in ...
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    Yellow taxis less likely to get into accidents: Study

    National University of Singapore researchers analysed data from ComfortDelgro's 16,700 taxis over three years.