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  1. Using an asthma inhaler

    There are 7 steps to use an asthma inhaler correctly – have you been wrong?

    A new study suggest that many patients – children and adults alike – are not reaping the full benefits of the drugs.
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    Asthma medication use varies among Latino youth

  3. UNDATED -- BC-WELL-ASTHMA-INHALER-ART-NYTSF -- A child uses an inhaler with a spacer for asthma med

    Using an asthma inhaler correctly

  4. Asthma child

    Kids with asthma may struggle in school

  5. Asthma child

    Asthma classes in school may help reduce attacks

  6. BetterAir's Taly Dery and Amir Yaar

    Israel biotech company sniffs out opportunity in APAC's lucrative air purifier market

    It wants to give people's health a boost by spritzing more "good bacteria" into the air.
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    Overweight, obese kids have higher asthma risk

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    Sanofi drug Dupixent wins FDA approval to treat asthma

  9. Asthma dude

    Asthma during pregnancy tied to postpartum depression risk

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    Four in 10 women with asthma may develop COPD