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  1. The Wider Image: At home with couple who saved baby kangaroos from the fires

    Australia begins wide-ranging enquiry into deadly bushfires

    Australia on Monday began the first hearings of a powerful inquiry into the causes of catastrophic bushfires that swept across the country, ...
  2. The remains of a mattress, a bedside table, a ventilator and a radiator are scattered on the scorch

    Heatwave and high winds threaten to rekindle Australian wildfires

    Large swathes of southeast Australia were bracing on Thursday for a days-long heatwave that threatens to stoke bushfires that have been burning in ...
  3. Dead trees mark the scorched landscape surrounding the Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat after a wildfir

    Australia readies for more bushfires with temperatures set to soar

    Australian officials on Tuesday warned communities in hard-hit eastern states to strengthen bushfire defences as soaring temperatures and strong ...
  4. Kangaroo Island-8779_mod

    Kangaroo Island is an ecological wonderland; now half of it is burnt and survival hangs in the balance

    “We could be facing economic collapse if we don’t have people coming through our doors and supporting us," a Kangaroo Island resident tells CNA's ...
  5. Tens of thousands of volunteer firefighters have been hailed in Australia and across the world for

    Commentary: The Australian bushfires are straining emergency disaster volunteers

    As the Australian bushfires rage on, and fire seasons start earlier and last longer, Australia needs to rethink its dependence on volunteers, says ...
  6. Mallacoota bushfires evacuees, who arrived at the port of Hastings on MV Sycamore this morning, arr

    First Australian bushfire evacuees land in Melbourne

    The first of thousands of residents and vacationers stranded on a beach in southeastern Australia landed near Melbourne on Saturday morning after ...