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  1. New Content Item

    US stocks end at records for 2nd day on Trump tax cut promise

    All three major indices finished at new highs for the second straight day, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average winning 0.5 per cent to end at ...
  2. nuTonomy taxi 2

    Regulations in place to ramp up driverless vehicle trials in Singapore

    The Land Transport Authority has been given more flexibility with rules and regulations in a bid to keep pace with the rise of autonomous vehicle ...
  3. driverless vehicle one north

    Policies, regulations, liability: Getting on track to a 'driverless future'

    With autonomous vehicles coming closer to becoming adopted in our everyday lives, Channel NewsAsia takes a look at the complex challenge of ...
  4. Driverless mini bus

    NTU testing new driverless mini bus

    The mini bus, which can accommodate 15 passengers, is bigger and more sophisticated than the self-driving golf cart and shuttle that NTU has put ...
  5. Accident involving driverless car and lorry

    nuTonomy halts vehicle trials after accident at one-north

    The start-up says it has released all the data logs as well as an initial report to the authorities, and conducted its own investigations into the ...
  6. Nissan ProPilot queue chair

    Hate standing in line? Japan now has self-driving chairs

    A company video released Tuesday (Sep 27) re-enacts a busy restaurant with patrons waiting outside.