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  1. Spanish Grand Prix

    Motor racing: Aston Martin team to promote LGBTQ+ awareness in F1

    The Aston Martin Formula One team announced on Tuesday a partnership with the Racing Pride movement and said it will work through June to raise ...
  2. Ep 6
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    Ep 6: Do I Have A Future?

    Nasir does eye contact therapy to improve communication skills. MIJ struggles financially as more students apply for financial relief. Shahir ...
  3. Ep 5
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    Ep 5: I Want To Hire You But...

    Ashraf’s family went through difficult times with his condition while trying to keep MIJ afloat. Three special needs students practice making the ...
  4. Ep 4
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    Ep 4: When Dreams Meet Reality

    Three students with special needs attend a hotel housekeeping workshop for the first time. Shahir steps out of the cafe and tries being a sound ...
  5. Ep 3
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    Ep 3: Find Me A Job

    Unable to get a job for two years, Donnervan enrols into MIJ in the hope of finding where his real interests lie. Graduate Faiz is on the lookout ...
  6. Ep 2
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    Ep 2: Struggling With Obsessions

    MIJ teachers have to intervene and help their students tread the fine line in society. Zi Hao’s obsession with ATMs gets him arrested whilst ...
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    Ep 1: Am I Different?

    Two adults with autism face challenges at work. How well do they manage with their cafe duties and customers? Under the watchful eye of their job ...
  8. Ep 4
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    Ep 4: The Mind’s Chaos

    Jess has reconciled with the difficult childhood years that triggered co-morbid mental health issues. As her outlook in life transforms, she is ...
  9. Ep 3
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    Ep 3: The Long Winding Road

    Karen is the primary caregiver to her son with Depression and Asperger Syndrome. Through this isolating journey, she learns to rebuild her life ...
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    Ep 1: A Face In The Crowd

    Battling Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), Le Yong strives for a life in which he can discern who he really is, beyond the distorted image and ...