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  1. Baby sleeping

    Commentary: 'Crying it out'' is no solution when sleep training babies

    Not only do babies become distressed during longer periods of crying, but ignoring a baby's cries goes against everything we know about building ...
  2. Japan’s Nagi town stems falling birth rate | Video
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    Japan’s Nagi town stems falling birth rate | Video

    The number of babies born in Japan is falling faster than expected. Due to the low birth rate and a fast-aging society, Japan's population is ...
  3. Toddler drinking milk bottle

    Commentary: Babies with healthier diets are more active, sleep better

    Researchers at Swansea University found that diet matters when it comes to bringing up active kids.
  4. your baby wont sleep through the nighte

    Your baby won’t sleep through the night? You’re not alone

    Parents often feel bad if their babies aren't good sleepers, but a new study suggests there's a lot of variation, even at a year old.
  5. Milk powder 1

    Public hospitals to offer more affordable milk formula to newborns