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  1. FILE PHOTO: Various Heinz sauces of U.S. food company Kraft Heinz are offered at a supermarket of S

    Kraft Heinz launches sale of baby food unit: Sources

    U.S. packaged food giant Kraft Heinz has launched the sale of its baby food brand Plasmon with preliminary bids due by the end of next week, two ...
  2. Organix baby biscuits

    Organix baby biscuits recalled due to crumbling risk

    As the biscuits can crumble into pieces, they may pose a potential choking hazard to babies and young children, according to Food Standards ...
  3. pampers diapers

    Diapers sold in Singapore and around the world 'completely safe': Pampers

    French magazine 60 Millions de consommateurs had reported last month that traces of "potentially toxic" substances were found in 10 out of 12 ...
  4. New Content Item

    MUIS clarifies McDonald's statement on halal-only birthday cakes

    MUIS says it adopts "a flexible approach" for the consumption of outside food, such as birthday cakes and baby food, in halal-certified restaurants.