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  1. Joan Chang

    Could this 29-year-old property developer be Singapore’s new lifestyle queen?

    With a new freehold District 9 condo – The Iveria – currently underway, plus boutique hotel Lloyd’s Inn and hip hostel Cara Cara Inn in Bali under ...
  2. Aussie Nicholas Carr jail over drunken bali rampage

    Australian gets 4 months in jail over drunken Bali rampage

  3. Made's Warung Seminyak

    Family recipes the secret of Bali's famous nasi campur warung

  4. Soldiers carry Indonesian Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law and Security Wiranto

    Indonesia arrests two dozen people after knife attack on security minister Wiranto

    Indonesian police said they have arrested more than two dozen suspected militants after members of a network linked to the Islamic State (IS) ...
  5. Bali bombings anniversary

    Indonesia marks Bali bombings anniversary

  6. Capella Ubud - Officers Tent

    Fancy a weekend escape with uber-designer Bill Bensley in Bali?

    CNA gets up close and personal with the veteran designer as he preps for a personally led behind-the-scene tour of the Capella Ubud.
  7. Two foreigners die in Bali boat accident (1)

    Two foreigners die in Bali boat accident

  8. two-headed snake spotted in Bali

    Great snakes: Two-headed serpent spotted in Bali

  9. australians caught in bali with drugs

    Australian clubbers busted in Bali over cocaine

  10. Bali quake at temple Jul 16

    Undersea earthquake strikes south of Bali, causes brief panic