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  1. Video circulating on social media purportedly shows the Melbourne Storm forward swinging punches

    Australian rugby league player probed over Bali brawl

    A video purportedly showing New Zealand international Nelson Asofa-Solomona swinging punches outside a Bali nightclub prompted Australian rugby ...
  2. Bali bombings anniversary

    Indonesia marks Bali bombings anniversary

  3. Capella Ubud - Officers Tent

    Fancy a weekend escape with uber-designer Bill Bensley in Bali?

    CNA gets up close and personal with the veteran designer as he preps for a personally led behind-the-scene tour of the Capella Ubud.
  4. Felix Dorfin, 35, was handed a capital sentence after his arrest last year, but his execution was

    French drug smuggler moving to Indonesia's 'Alcatraz' after escape bid

    A French drug smuggler who briefly faced execution in Indonesia will be transferred to a high-security prison island, dubbed the nation's ...
  5. Two foreigners die in Bali boat accident (1)

    Two foreigners die in Bali boat accident

  6. two-headed snake spotted in Bali

    Great snakes: Two-headed serpent spotted in Bali

  7. australians caught in bali with drugs

    Australian clubbers busted in Bali over cocaine

  8. Bali quake at temple Jul 16

    Undersea earthquake strikes south of Bali, causes brief panic

  9. Amanwana, Indonesia Deer at Restaurant

    Glamping on a remote Indonesian island: Where the deer and the macaques play

    A city boy journeyed to the lush Amanwana glamping grounds of Moyo Island – and discovered how nature can sometimes sound like a rubber chicken.
  10. para wijayanto indonesia terrorist

    Indonesian police arrest leader of network with ties to al-Qaeda