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  1. French fries

    US fast food chains offering more healthy options for kids

    Healthier sides and drinks were added to U.S. fast-food restaurant kids' menus in the past decade, but healthy combinations are still rarely ...
  2. New Content Item

    Seniors with heart failure not harmed by moderate alcohol use

  3. Elderly people exercise at a public park in Hanoi

    To lower blood pressure, exercise may be as good as medication

  4. gun buyback

    Baltimore buys back nearly 2,000 weapons from the streets

  5. A man smokes an e-cigarette in New York

    Vapers inhale lower levels of toxins than smokers

    Vapers inhale significantly lower levels of toxic chemicals than smokers of traditional cigarettes, a new study suggests.
  6. man with colorectal cancer

    Older adults may be unwilling to give up colorectal screening