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  1. FILE PHOTO: Italian Deputy PM Salvini and Hungarian PM Orban hold a joint news conference in Budape

    Bavarian, Austrian conservatives reject Orban's call to work with populists

    The leaders of Austria and Bavaria rejected on Friday a call by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban for their centre-right group in the European ...
  2. CNA Lifestyle

    Not so fast: Most Germans favor speed limits on the Autobahn

  3. New Content Item

    Bavarian parties nearing conservative-centrist coalition - sources

  4. German Chancellor Angela Merkel's uneasy left-right "grand coalition" could face

    Bavaria election shakes Merkel's coalition, far-right rejoices

  5. CSU election

    Merkel's Bavarian allies suffer historic election losses

  6. Unteilbar demostration against discrimination in Berlin

    Tens of thousands stage anti-racism march in Berlin

  7. A student sits in a classroom of the Europa-Berufsschule vocational school, in Weiden

    Behind Bavaria's harsh rhetoric, schools offer migrants warm welcome

    Omar Alnifawi was 16 when he fled Syria's civil war with his family. After four years working menial jobs in Lebanon to help pay for their journey ...
  8. FILE PHOTO: German Chancellor Angela Merkel talks to Volker Kauder, parliamentary group leader of t

    Merkel's Bavarian allies bleed support before state vote - poll

    Chancellor Angela Merkel's Bavarian allies are losing support ahead of an Oct. 14 state vote that will likely force them into coalition to form ...
  9. German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks during a session at the lower house of parliament Bundestag

    Far-right surge in Bavaria vote could reshape Germany's national politics

    The right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) is poised to humiliate Chancellor Angela Merkel's allies in an Oct. 14 vote for Germany's most ...
  10. Bavarian State Prime Minister Markus Soeder delivers a speech at an election rally at one of Bavari

    Exceptional no more? Merkel's Bavarian allies face watershed moment

    For decades the conservative Christian Social Union has run the state of Bavaria - famous for BMWs, beer festivals and the Bayern Munich soccer ...