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    Ep 3: The Dark Side Of Skin Lightening

    Many Filipinos desire to have a lighter skin tone, and they want it fast. Their go-to fix: creams and injections that are increasingly popular ...
  2. Illustration of women looking at themselves in a mirror

    We need to stop chasing unrealistic beauty standards in Asia and start feeling beautiful

    Maybe it's time we think about why we fret over what others have defined as "beautiful" and embrace who we are. CNA Lifestyle takes a look at the ...
  3. Make a Beauty House Call

    How to get a legit massage, facial or manicure without leaving your home

    It’s not just food and groceries that can be sent to your door these days – a multitude of beauty-service house visits can be arranged to get you ...
  4. A woman with soap in her hand

    That facial soap bar might be better for your skin than liquid cleansers

    It has a reputation for leaving you with dry skin, but soaps actually have fewer preservatives and chemicals compared to cleansers, according to ...
  5. Dr Low Chai Ling Red

    Everything you need to know about anti-ageing aesthetic trends and treatments

    Skin investments that offer both short- and long-term yield are all the rage these days. Founder and medical director of SW1 Clinic Dr Low Chai ...
  6. Clarins Skin Spa Singapore

    What do Asian women want when they go for spa treatments?

    Are we all that different in terms of what we want from a spa treatment? International spa institute Clarins Skin Spa reveals what their clients ...
  7. Shaving your legs HERO

    Ladies, here’s a 10-step guide to shaving your legs without getting nicks or razor burn

    Is there a right way to shave your legs? Yes – because if done wrong, you’ll end up with dry and bumpy skin, ingrown hair and more.
  8. a woman in taking a bath

    More time on your hands? Beauty self-care routines you can easily do at home

    From DIY facials and eyebrow maintenance to online yoga classes, your current work-from-home situation might be the perfect time for some ...
  9. Bathroom cabinet

    Are expired toiletries and beauty products still effective and safe to use?

    From toothpaste to facial cleansers and sunblock, CNA Lifestyle asks the experts. Hint: The expiry date isn’t relevant once you’ve opened it – ...
  10. A woman's hand being nourished by hand moisturiser

    Is frequent washing making your hands dry and chapped? These creams will help

    Like your face, your hands are prone to premature ageing. So if you’ve been washing them more often these days, it might be best to apply some ...