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  1. Party haiy Dyson ed support HERO

    5 hairstyles you can easily do at home to look great at festive gatherings

    Yes, there might not be a crowd out there this year – but you’ve still got those intimate year-end plans, right? Here are five fuss-free options.
  2. Makeup setting spray HERO

    Expert tips: How to stop makeup transfer on your face mask once and for all

    Because your foundation or face powder is supposed to stay on your face, all you’ll need is setting makeup spray. Here’s how to do it.
  3. Mixing skincare brands HERO

    Love to mix your beauty skincare brands? That's not good for your skin’s health

    If you’re the type to try a bunch of different products from different companies, better think twice: Combining these might have negative effects ...
  4. Sexy scents HERO

    Perfumes and your natural odour: Why some work for you and others don’t

    Certain fragrance notes have long been considered to work, but there are other factors to consider including your own body chemistry. Also, 5 ...
  5. Zoom Face HERO

    Makeup not helping with your ‘Zoom face’? Why not consider a facial treatment

    Sometimes, a lousy laptop camera isn’t solely to blame. If makeup and quick touch-ups are not working, you might want to consider a treatment that ...
  6. Mercury, other potent ingredients found in 18 recalled beauty products
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    Mercury, other potent ingredients found in 18 recalled beauty products

    Some of these products contained mercury exceeding the level permitted by more than 27,000 times, while others contained potent ingredients like ...
  7. New Content Item
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    Ep 3: The Dark Side Of Skin Lightening

    Many Filipinos desire to have a lighter skin tone, and they want it fast. Their go-to fix: creams and injections that are increasingly popular ...
  8. CNA_Talking_Point_Blue_Light
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    Ep 15: Should I Pay For Blue Light Blocking Products?

    Blue Light emitted from our mobile devices and our computers is said to be harmful to our eyes and skin. Is the hype surrounding blue light fact ...

    At ION Orchard, get a digital makeover at Chanel’s new flagship beauty boutique

    The new store is Chanel’s first hybrid flagship beauty boutique in Southeast Asia. Alongside beauty products, it also features a selection of ...
  10. Skincare mistakes HERO

    Sleeping late with your makeup on? 10 bad skincare habits you need to stop now

    Don’t let sloppiness ruin your beauty regimen for flawless skin. Here are some mistakes you might be committing, from popping pimples to skipping ...