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  1. How to deal with split ends

    Ladies, here’s a step-by-step guide to getting rid of hair split ends once and for all

    Snipping these off is just a temporary fix – follow these tips to eliminate them for good.
  2. What's in your bag HERO

    Not just masks: Essential items you'll need in your bag during the new normal

    If you’re going out, bring a bigger bag with you – you’ll need more than just a credit card and a house key to keep you safe at all times from ...
  3. The future of beauty shopping

    Virtual apps, WhatsApp texts: How to shop for beauty products in a pandemic

    Companies such as Sephora, SK-II and Clarins are using creative technology to make socially distanced, contact-free shopping a breeze.
  4. Photo Kim Kardashian

    Kim Kardashian West selling stake in her beauty brand for US$200m to Coty

    The deal values her cosmetics company at US$1 billion, slightly lower than the US$1.2 billion valuation put on her sister Kylie Jenner's business.
  5. How to shop online for a bespoke perfume Chanel No 5

    No perfume testers, no problem: How to shop for bespoke scents online

    Testing beauty products is still a no-go. But unlike lipsticks or foundation on-sight, buying perfumes can be trickier. Here are some tips if ...
  6. How to fight the lower jowl sag

    Beauty tips: How to tighten those sagging cheeks and have a sharper jawline

    The dreaded lower jowl sag is a sign of premature ageing. Here’s how ladies can take matters into their own hands – with help from some handheld ...
  7. The Dior Prestige Lotion Essence de Rose is composed of a blend of the rose de Granville and its bud

    Why are floral extracts more beneficial for your skin than lab-grown ingredients?

    According to Dior Science’s skincare research facility, daily exposure to environmental stresses have resulted in plants – and flowers – evolving ...
  8. Pheniks Stock

    Not just for women: Modern aesthetic treatments that break gender stereotypes

    Traditional perceptions of gender-specific beauty are fast becoming outdated, shares Dr Low Chai Ling, founder and medical director of SW1 Clinic.
  9. How to get good hair

    How to have good hair with the best styling tools you can buy under S$70

    It’s time to say hello, outside world. To make sure it’s a good hair day, these affordably fab finds are here to help.
  10. A logo of CVS Health is displayed on a monitor above the floor of the New York Stock Exchange short

    CVS joins Walmart in keeping multicultural beauty products out of locked cabinets

    Drugstore chain CVS Health Corp joined Walmart Inc in announcing it will stop keeping beauty and personal care products designed for people of ...