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  1. Probiotic skincare GOOD SKIN

    Why bacteria might give you better skin: How probiotic beauty products work

    Baffled about the craze over probiotic facial products? CNA Lifestyle finds out what they really do and if they can fix skin issues like they are ...
  2. Hero Maison de L'Asie

    The Singaporean making Asian-inspired luxury perfumes for the world

    Elizabeth Liau started Maison de L’Asie in November 2020. The luxury fragrance house combines revered French olfactory techniques with a distinct ...
  3. Fenty Beauty Flash Nap

    Need a quick facial boost before the long weekend? Consider these skincare salves

    Don’t fret if you haven’t had the time to pencil in a facial session before the long weekend. These beauty tools and products will give your skin ...
  4. Charlotte Tilbury Lunar New Year 2021 2

    7 limited-edition Chinese New Year beauty products for that extra 'huat'

    Restocking your vanity counter? Here are some propitious beauty and skincare products that will see you through the festive season and beyond.
  5. Instantly pretty CNY HERO

    Beauty hacks to look your best for Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day

    Whether it’s to impress on a date or keep that nosy aunty quiet, here are six must-have items in your beauty arsenal for a fuss-free and ...
  6. Eye care game HERO

    How to fix those huge eye bags and wrinkled skin to make you look younger

    Don't neglect the skin around the eyes because it might make you look older than you really are. Here are beauty tips to deal with those sagging ...
  7. Beauty Spring Clean HERO

    Too many beauty products you haven’t used in ages? It’s time for spring cleaning

    After all that mask-wearing and staying at home last year, your vanity kit might be full of products you haven’t used – or have expired. It's time ...
  8. Jeanette Aw beauty secrets HERO

    Jeanette Aw’s secret to good skin: ‘I stopped using foundation’

    The 41-year-old actress doesn’t look a day older than when she first stepped into the spotlight two decades ago. Just how does she defy time? CNA ...
  9. Luke Yi

    From fried chicken to K-beauty, he's bringing Korean culture to Singapore

    Luke Yi became an entrepreneur when he founded Korean fried chicken chain Chicken Up. Now the owner of two K-beauty salons, one of which houses a ...
  10. Give your appearance a subtle boost with non-invasive tweakments

    When less is more: Give your appearance a subtle boost with non-invasive tweakments

    Get a fresh, natural look with customisable tweakment procedures. Brought to you by SW1 Clinic.