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  1. Scents to happiness HERO

    What does happiness smell like? How certain scents can lift your spirits

    Feeling like you’re in a mental rut? A psychologist and a perfumer explain how smells can have a positive effect – and offer hacks on what perfume ...
  2. Selena Gomez-Big Tech

    Women celebrities who remind us to feel good and embrace body positivity

    How have Camilla Cabello, Selena Gomez, Kate Winslet and Billie Eilish dealt with body image issues?
  3. Henry Jacques Toupies hero

    Forget Old Spice or 4711 – gift Dad a fancy bottle of cologne instead

    Dad deserves a cologne that’s truly special. And while you’re at it, why not get a matching one for Mum too?
  4. Hayley Teo Rooki Beauty

    Creative Capital: The Singaporean who is using superfoods to keep your skin happy and healthy

    Rooki Beauty by entrepreneur Hayley Teo is a clean, cruelty-free skincare line that transforms superfoods into antioxidant, vitamin and ...
  5. nail polish unsplash

    The future of manicures: Would you get your nails done by an AI robot?

    It works similar to a coffee capsule machine – pop in a colour capsule into the printer-sized device, place your fingers under it and say hello to ...
  6. NYT art for Paying the price for sun damage

    Can you still save your skin from cancer and premature ageing after all that sun exposure?

    Spent the most part of your life eschewing sunblock and disregarding sun protection tips? This new report would motivate you to do better.
  7. This is how a derm says you can prevent premature ageing HERO

    We got a dermatologist to explain how anti-ageing beauty products actually work

    What exactly are ceramides and retinoids? CNA Lifestyle breaks down the ingredients you often see in all those beauty products you’ve been using ...
  8. How common eyebrow mistakes can make you look older HERO

    Hollywood’s Eyebrow Queen on how to achieve the best brows for your face

    We had a chat with Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Anastasia Soare, who’s worked with celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, the Kardashians and Jennifer ...
  9. Mother's Day series Skin Inc Sabrina Tan HERO

    How Skin Inc's Sabrina Tan put Singapore on the global beauty map

    In the month of May, CNA Lifestyle speaks to successful working mothers who make it look all too easy. This 46-year-old pioneer entrepreneur's ...