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  1. The Belt and Road Initiative is President Xi Jinping's signature foreign policy project

    Commentary: We sure believe some weird stuff about China's Belt and Road Initiative

    Those who accuse China of using the BRI to further its own geopolitical objectives are off the mark about what is really going on, says this observer.
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    Ep 14: Future Of Belt And Road

    Launched in 2013, the Belt and Road initiative, also known as ‘The New Silk Road’ is a colossal investment programme that aims to link ...
  3. People wearing face masks wait for a subway train on the first day the city's subway services

    Commentary: Life in China after COVID-19 lockdown gives normal new meaning

    China has reopened parts of the economy for business while taking extra precautions, boosted consumer spending and is repairing its international ...
  4. China increases influence in Central Asia through Belt and Road Initiative | Video
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    China increases influence in Central Asia through Belt and Road Initiative | Video

    Central Asia is growing in strategic significance as it builds partnerships through China’s Belt and Road initiative. With Russia’s role in the ...
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    Commentary: The Belt and Road Initiative may be a debt trap – for China

    As the Chinese economy slows down, it is worth rethinking the pace, scope, and scale of the BRI, says MIT Sloan School of Management’s Yasheng Huang.
  6. China has struggled to steer its giant economy through a slowdown

    Commentary: China has more influence as a rising superpower but not in all areas

    Measuring Beijing’s influence shows mixed results for all the supposed diplomatic sway and billions spent on media, says the Lowy Institute’s ...