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  1. China increases influence in Central Asia through Belt and Road Initiative | Video
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    China increases influence in Central Asia through Belt and Road Initiative | Video

    Central Asia is growing in strategic significance as it builds partnerships through China’s Belt and Road initiative. With Russia’s role in the ...
  2. Flags of U.S. and China are displayed at AICC's booth during China International Fair for Trad

    China signals veto in standoff with US over Afghan UN mission: Diplomats

    China and the United States are deadlocked over a UN resolution to extend a mission in Afghanistan, with Beijing signalling it will cast a veto ...
  3. Chinese President Xi Jinping says his Belt and Road Initiative will create a 'good investment

    Commentary: The Belt and Road Initiative may be a debt trap – for China

    As the Chinese economy slows down, it is worth rethinking the pace, scope, and scale of the BRI, says MIT Sloan School of Management’s Yasheng Huang.
  4. China has struggled to steer its giant economy through a slowdown

    Commentary: China has more influence as a rising superpower but not in all areas

    Measuring Beijing’s influence shows mixed results for all the supposed diplomatic sway and billions spent on media, says the Lowy Institute’s ...
  5. A Belt and Road Forum (BRF) logo is seen outside the China National Convention Center in Beijing, C

    China says 'fed up' with hearing US complaints on Belt and Road

    China is "fed up" with hearing complaints from the United States about its Belt and Road programme to re-create the old Silk Road, the government ...
  6. Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen speaks during a meeting with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang at the Gre

    Cambodian PM says China ready to help if EU imposes sanctions

    China will help Cambodia if the European Union (EU) withdraws special market access over its rights record, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said ...