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  1. Rome is expected to join President Xi Jinping's massive $1 trillion 'Belt and Road'

    Commentary: Italy takes bite of China apple with entry into Belt and Road Initiative

    But Italy’s signing of a Memorandum of Understanding during President Xi Jinping’s visit does not mean the sky will fall, says Asia Pacific ...
  2. Sri Lanka last year granted Beijing a 99-year lease on the Hambantota deep-sea port, situated along

    Commentary: Sri Lanka's debt problem wasn't made in China

    Sri Lanka faces a record foreign debt repayment of nearly US$6 billion in 2019, say economists Dushni Weerakoon and Sisira Jayasuriya.
  3. A UN panel says up to one million ethnic Uighurs may be being held in Chinese internment camps

    Commentary: Along the Silk Road, a corridor of power

    A remote mountain range area at the tip of Afghanistan is key to China's Belt and Road ambition, says one observer.
  4. Sri Lanka Hambantota Port

    Growing doubts over China's Belt and Road projects in Southeast Asia

    China’s sprawling Belt and Road Initiative has largely been welcomed by Southeast Asian countries as an opportunity to fill critical gaps in their ...
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    Commentary: Belt Road Initiative a vision of a new global economic order, win-win collaboration

    It all depends on whether you take a short-term time frame that measures commercial returns, or a long-term outlook that looks at social, heritage ...