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  1. Benjamin Netanyahu

    Israelis vote to decide on Netanyahu's record reign

  2. Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gestures as he speaks during a news conference in J

    Israel's Netanyahu says plans to annex settlements in West Bank if re-elected

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Saturday that he would annex Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank if he wins another ...
  3. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu smiles as he delivers a joint statement with Brazilian Pr

    Israeli researchers - hundreds of fake Twitter accounts boost Netanyahu

    Two Israeli researchers said on Monday they had discovered a network of hundreds of fake Twitter accounts that promoted Prime Minister Benjamin ...
  4. Labourers work on hanging up a Likud election campaign banner

    Netanyahu uses icy relationship with Obama to try to win votes

  5. Golan Heights

    Commentary: Why Trump’s recognition of the Golan Heights as Israeli territory matters

    The Golan Heights is considered militarily significant for both Syria and Israel, says Centre
  6. Donald Trump

    Trump proclaims Golan Heights belongs to Israel

  7. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks as U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visits Neta

    Israel's Netanyahu, in close election race, visits US ally

    With Israel's election just two weeks away, Benjamin Netanyahu will get to showcase his close ties with Donald Trump in a U.S. visit just days ...