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  1. David Low OTR 1

    Biggest obstacle Singapore companies face? Themselves, says EY Entrepreneur of the Year

    Mr David Low, chairman and CEO of Futuristic Store Fixtures, goes On The Record with 938LIVE on how he struggled with learning English, overcoming ...
  2. Eugene Tay, Zero Waste SG

    Plastic bag charge unpopular but necessary: Eugene Tay, Zero Waste SG

    Executive Director of Zero Waste SG Eugene Tay went “On the Record” with Bharati Jagdish about getting Singaporeans on board when it comes to ...
  3. Violet Lim

    Going beyond height and long hair: Marriage, dating and life lessons with Violet Lim, Lunch Actually

    Starting a dating business at the age of 24, Violet Lim went “On the Record” with 938LIVE's Bharati Jagdish about low marriage and high divorce ...
  4. Arther Kiong

    Success a 'meritocracy of skills' acquired through time: Arthur Kiong

    Far East Hospitality CEO Arthur Kiong goes On the Record with Bharati Jagdish about what it really means to provide a service, investing in ...
  5. Aline Wong (1)

    Rights for women were hard-fought and must be preserved, improved: Dr Aline Wong

    Former MP and Chancellor of UniSIM Dr Aline Wong went On the Record with 938LIVE's Bharati Jagdish about her past political life, women’s rights ...
  6. Alvin Yapp On The Record with 938LIVE

    Get HR policy right, and the opportunities are endless: Alvin Yapp

    The BusAds Pte Ltd director and private home museum owner goes On The Record 938LIVE about making business work, dealing with people at the heart ...
  7. New Content Item

    Have the courage to take risks in changing the education system: MP Denise Phua

    Member of Parliament Denise Phua goes On The Record 938LIVE about what it will take to revolutionise education in Singapore, and sheds light on ...