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  1. LA bike-riding slasher

    Los Angeles police arrest bike-riding slasher suspect

  2. ofo collage

    Boys caught on camera damaging ofo bike lock at HDB void deck

  3. thrown ofo bike

    14-year-old arrested for allegedly throwing ofo bicycle from HDB block

    A video of the incident, which took place at Block 116B Jalan Tenteram, surfaced on Thursday and was subsequently widely shared online.
  4. Cyclists along Bencoolen Street

    New Central Area cycling network in the pipeline

  5. bicycle parking zone LTA

    LTA rolls out bicycle parking zones

    These bicycle parking zones will provide about 750 additional parking spaces for both bicycle owners and users of rental bicycles, the Land ...
  6. New Content Item

    Cycling lanes on extended Tanah Merah Coast Road to open on Apr 22

    The 10km-long on-road cycling lane will run along both sides of the extended Tanah Merah Coast Road, which will replace Changi Coast Road, says ...
  7. (pp) Bike 1

    ASIA'S FUTURE CITIES: Can Bangkok pedal to a traffic revolution?

    With Bangkok's notorious traffic set to get worse as the city's population grows, could getting more people to use bicycles offer some respite?
  8. Moto 1

    ASIA'S FUTURE CITIES: Will motorcycles ever be seen on Yangon’s streets again?

    The buzz of motorcycles is a ubiquitous and even iconic aspect of life in Southeast Asia’s sprawling metropolises, but in Yangon there there is none.
  9. Artist's impressions of proposed bicycle-sharing infrastructure in Jurong Lake District

    MOT relooking plans on bicycle-sharing: Ng Chee Meng

    This comes after the emergence of dockless bicycle-sharing systems such as those offered by Ofo and Obike, says the Second Minister for Transport.