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  1. New Content Item

    Salesforce bets on big data with US$15.3 billion Tableau buy

  2. FILE PHOTO: The Instagram application is seen on a phone screen

    Russian watchdog asks Instagram to explain reported data leak: RIA

    Russia's state communications watchdog Roskomnadzor has formally asked Instagram to explain reports of a big data leak on the social network last ...
  3. nepal quake

    Commentary: How data-sharing by Big Tech can save lives in disasters, solve new problems

    Big Data can saves lives, but tech companies, civil society and policymakers must work together to unlock this potential, says HEC Paris' law and ...
  4. Think You’re Discreet Online Think Again HERO 1_pexels

    Think you’re discreet online? Today's tech is more powerful than you thought

    There is no longer such a thing as individually “opting out” of our privacy-compromised world.
  5. A man holds an Apple iPhone as he walks on a street in New York

    Commentary: Your smartphone knows when you will be next sick

    If you carry your smartphone with you everywhere, it’s probably already tracking a lot of data about you and your behaviour, says one observer.
  6. business person walking with satchel

    Commentary: Lawyers may have to grapple with big data soon

    Human judgment will remain a crucial ingredient but legal practice will likely be augmented by artificial intelligence in the future, say two ...
  7. KL Malaysia traffic in 2012

    Edelman and EDB want to unlock companies’ ability to use data for good

    Communications firm partners Singapore Economic Development Board to launch its first Edelman Predictive Intelligence Centre here.
  8. New Content Item

    Commentary: When machines make decisions on our behalf, fears of redundancy, new questions emerge

    A new council has been set up to advise the Singapore Government on the ethical use of AI and data but the challenges are far more wide-ranging, ...
  9. New Content Item

    New council to advise Singapore Government on ethical use of AI, data

    The council will be headed by former attorney-general V K Rajah, and is part of three related initiatives to drive awareness and understand the ...
  10. Indoor slippers

    Commentary: If Facebook is so smart, why does it keep selling me slippers?

    We are supposed to believe social media's sophisticated algorithms built upon data scraping and machine learning know us better than our closest ...