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  1. Hanoi traffic

    Hanoi's cafes and scenic beauty more than make up for its chaotic traffic

    This city may be noisy and busy but there are gems to be found, if you know how.
  2. bicycle thrown into canal

    4 teens arrested over incident of man throwing bicycle into canal near Punggol

    The police said they received a report of a man throwing a bicycle into a canal and riding a bicycle in an MRT station and bus interchange last ...
  3. obike

    oBike to introduce points system that penalises 'ungracious' users

    Singapore's first stationless bike-sharing company's credit system aims to curb irresponsible practices such as illegal parking and bike hogging ...
  4. bicycle parking zone LTA

    LTA rolls out bicycle parking zones

    These bicycle parking zones will provide about 750 additional parking spaces for both bicycle owners and users of rental bicycles, the Land ...
  5. chestnut nature park 1

    Chestnut Nature Park, Singapore's largest, fully opens

    With the opening of the northern portion, the park’s mountain biking trail has been extended from 1.6km to 8.2km, while the hiking trail has been ...
  6. New Content Item

    Some motorcycle buyers feel the pinch, but LTA says ARF changes 'carefully calibrated'

    LTA says that out of the 8,336 motorcycles that were registered in 2016, 63 per cent of them would have come under Tier 0 and not drawn any ...
  7. car on fire at sgh

    Car catches fire at Singapore General Hospital; no one injured

    A fire engine, a Red Rhino and two fire bikes were deployed. The cause of the fire is under investigation.
  8. Holy Crit

    Criterium cycling picking up speed in Singapore

    This Saturday's HolyCrit X will be the third criterium organised in Singapore this year.
  9. e-bike file

    E-bikes that break the speed limit? No problem for some online modders

    Despite authorities ramping up efforts to curb the growing number of non-compliant e-bikes, services to soup them up still appear to be offered ...