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  1. abandoned obike after end July deadline (1)

    More than 35,000 oBikes removed from public spaces: LTA

  2. oBike office 2

    oBike customers question need for more data, security of online refund form

    “Why does the liquidator require credit card statements, IC numbers, phone bills or even student verification?”
  3. Ofo bike-sharing bicycles are pictured in Singapore

    The Big Read: No more errantly parked bikes? New regime promising, but requires some pain

    New regulations have raised concerns of higher business costs, risks that businesses could gain access to one another's customers and user privacy.
  4. oBike east of Singapore

    Commentary: How oBike, Grab-Uber merger were managed shows we haven't gotten disruption right

    The way authorities approached oBike’s closure and other disruptions which include Grab-Uber's merger, FinTech and lifelong learning offers ...
  5. oBike east of Singapore

    oBike's usage of customer deposits to fund operations 'unethical': CASE

    Bike-sharing operator oBike’s usage of its customers’ deposits to purchase bicycles and fund operations is “unethical and unacceptable”, the ...