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    16 Jan 2019: The rollercoaster ride of bike-sharing in Singapore

    Since obike’s sudden departure from Singapore, and amid news of ofo’s fresh struggles, does bike-sharing have a future in Singapore?
  2. SG Bike founders

    ‘The struggle is temporary’: SG Bike founders predict bright future ahead for bike-sharing

    Bike-sharing could thrive as Singapore develops its Park Connector Network and build cycle-friendly towns, said SG Bike's senior management.
  3. New Content Item

    Wheel woes: The rise and fall of Singapore's bike-sharing industry

    Another one bikes the dust? First oBike then Ofo and now Mobike hit the brakes - a look at the bumpy ride for bike-sharing firms in Singapore.
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    Commentary: With Mobike’s impending exit, is it time to give public bike-sharing a shot?

    After a roller-coaster journey, is Singapore’s private bike-sharing sector coming to a grinding halt?
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    Mobike calls it quits, seeks LTA approval to surrender licence

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    Commentary: Bike-sharing e-wallets, peer-to-peer lending and the astronomical rise of shadow banking

    Have regulations caught up with the surge in digital payment services that mirror banking functions?