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  1. From the early 2000s, breastfeeding rates in Serbia fell off a cliff, plummeting to eight percent in

    Delayed newborn baths tied to higher breastfeeding rates

  2. Mother and baby hand

    Number of Singaporean babies born last year lowest since 2014

    The proportion of singles in most age groups has gone up, with the biggest increase among Singaporean women aged 25 to 29, according to the annual ...
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    Commentary: Dear South Korea, please don't give up on having more babies

    South Korea's ageing population and its plunging birth rates, when combined, are giving the country a massive demographic headache, says one observer.
  4. Panda twin China

    China giant panda gives birth to twins

    A giant panda in China has given birth to two cubs, conservation authorities said, the first twins of the critically endangered species this year ...