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  1. Blind Japanese sailor completes his non-stop Pacific voyage

    Blind Japanese sailor completes non-stop Pacific voyage

  2. blind coder giang 4

    Giang the adventurer: Grab's first blind coder makes the world see past limitations

    In his job and in life, software engineer Giang Nguyen enjoys breaking barriers, and showing the world that people like him just need the freedom ...
  3. (pp) Blind teacher 1

    Cambodian teacher lights up world for blind students

    Phalla Neang is the first teacher of the blind in Cambodia and the pioneer of Khmer Braille. Throughout her life, she has been fighting to show ...
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    Blind photographer gets his vision of Paralympics

    "You don't need to see to take photographs. My eyes are in my heart," says Joao Maia, who cannot see what he shoots while he covers the Rio ...
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    Irish opposition attacks Apple ruling appeal

    "We want companies like Apple in Ireland... but this doesn't mean one should turn a blind eye to tax evasion or avoidance," Sinn Fein leader Gerry ...
  6. (yv) OTRD mixed race martin & esther

    Is love colour blind? Mixed race couples tackle challenges

    1 in 5 marriages here is inter-racial, but social acceptance of such unions remains mixed. On The Red Dot profiles the stories of three couples.