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    Commentary: The beginning of the end of cryptocurrencies and the rise of one alternative

    Central banks, especially at the Singapore Fintech Festival, are finally beginning to discuss the promising idea of a central bank digital ...
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    Commentary: Blockchain has been a lie all this while

    Far from ushering in a utopia, blockchain has given rise to a familiar form of economic hell, says Nouriel Roubini.
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    Singapore’s perceived openness to blockchain, cryptocurrency tech a cybersecurity risk: CrowdStrike VP

    The Monetary Authority of Singapore has issued prior advisories on investing in initial coin offerings, but its measured stance is seen as ...
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    Blockchain: Really Good For Business

    There are many more possibilities to this emerging technology than its use in cryptocurrency transactions — and it’s time to find out what they are.
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    Commentary: Behind the cryptocurrency mania, the secret sauce is Bitcoin’s blockchain technology

    Forget Bitcoin - the world will be revolutionised by blockhain, not necessarily cryptocurrency, says one observer from the NUS Business School.
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    Commentary: Why Singapore should be excited about the future of business and blockchain

    Blockchain can be a boost. Accenture’s Group CEO for Growth Markets tells us why.
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    Commentary: A clear path to transforming Singapore’s financial services sector

    Nanyang Technological University’s Woo Jun Jie examines what lies ahead in the path to realising Singapore’s global financial centre ambitions - ...