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  1. Ep 9
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    Ep 9: Make Me Taller (India)

    An investigation into a growing trend in limb lengthening surgery in India, where certain men and women, who believe their height is ruining their ...
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    Ep 1: A Face In The Crowd

    Battling Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), Le Yong strives for a life in which he can discern who he really is, beyond the distorted image and ...
  3. person scrolling through instagram on phone

    Commentary: Highly sexualised images are shaping influence on Instagram

    Many female influencers are subject to sexually aggressive comments and objectifying messages from their social media followers, say Jenna ...
  4. woman on diet

    Commentary: Dissatisfied with their bodies, new mums are dieting and it's killing their self esteem

    It's almost impossible to regain our pre-pregnancy figures right after giving birth, say two nutritionists about the disturbing body image ...