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    ComfortDelGro introduces flat fare option for app bookings

    The flat fare option takes into account the distance to be travelled and computes a fare based on existing surcharges, Singapore's largest taxi ...
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    Grab to launch surge pricing for taxis with fixed, upfront fares

    The ride-hailing service has also announced a new partnership with SMRT, making it the exclusive third-party booking platform for all of ...
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    Singapore’s elderly to get more help with financing new homes

    Senior citizens will have deferred downpayments and temporary loans to smoothen the process of buying a new, smaller home.
  4. Transcab

    Trans-cab, Premier Taxis to introduce surge pricing this month

    Trans-cab's managing director says metred fares will still be used, but not for rides booked via Grab.
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    Drivers' strike paralyses Uber, Ola services in Indian capital

    Thousands of Uber and Ola drivers are demanding better pay and have stopped taking bookings.
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    Uber says it was not consulted on some rule changes to private hire car sector

    Uber pinpointed the rule giving LTA the power to suspend private hire car booking service operators if at least three affiliated drivers of that ...
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    Grab aims to disrupt coach booking business with new service

    More than 200 buses and vans are now available for booking via GrabCoach, the ride-hailing service provider says.