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  1. A top view of the holiday island of Boracay during the first day of a temporary closure for tourist

    After makeover, Philippines welcomes tourists back to cleaner, leaner Boracay

    The Philippines reopened its top holiday island on Friday and promised sustainable tourism and a greener environment, welcoming back visitors ...
  2. Soldiers and police have held show of force drills ahead of Boracay's planned shutdown

    Philippines closes Boracay to tourists under high security

  3. Boracay environ 2

    Local tears, rotting filth and a green tide: How Boracay will get clean again

    In the final part of Jack Board's investigation into the implications of Boracay's closure, he finds out how decisive action to clean up the ...
  4. Filipino workers demolish West Cove resort two days before the temporary closure of the holiday isl

    Strained by tourism, Philippines' once idyllic Boracay checks in for rehab

    With postcard-perfect views of the Philippines' most treasured island behind them, labourers hammer away at the walls of the Boracay West Cove ...
  5. Boracay politics 1

    Boracay praises Duterte’s ‘strong hand’, just don’t call us a cesspool

    In the third part of an in-depth look at the imminent closure of Boracay, Channel NewsAsia's Jack Board looks at how the attempt to resolve the ...
  6. Boracay business 9

    Boracay businesses pray for early relief from President Duterte’s island shutdown

    In the second part of an in-depth series looking at the impact of the temporary closure of Boracay, Jack Board finds out how businesses are ...
  7. Boracay island 2

    'Dirt on the white sand': Boracay’s first dwellers left in the wake of rampant development

    In the first part of an investigation into the impact of Boracay's imminent closure, Channel NewsAsia's Jack Board talks to the island's ...
  8. FILE PHOTO: A Filipino dancer performs on Boracay island in Philippines

    Fire dancers hope to keep flame alive during Boracay closure

    As night falls on the Philippine resort island of Boracay, beach-goers eat, drink and watch a troupe of fire dancers twirling flames and ...
  9. FILE PHOTO: Traditional boats line up the shore in a secluded beach on the island of Boracay, centr

    Philippines' Boracay workers appeal for aid after order to close

    Along the shores of Philippines' top holiday island, Boracay, businesses like massage parlours, souvenir stalls, tattoo shops and boat rentals are ...