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  1. New Content Item

    UK border guard arrested in drugs and guns raid

  2. Mosul vehicles

    West Mosul breached as war on IS rages in Iraq and Syria

    Iraqi forces on Friday (Feb 24) entered west Mosul neighbourhoods, a key stronghold in the shrinking "caliphate" of the Islamic State group, which ...
  3. Myanmar Bangladesh fisherman shot

    Myanmar says it killed Bangladeshi fisherman in self-defense

    A Bangladeshi security official said a complaint had been lodged over the early Monday shooting, the details of which were disputed by the two sides.
  4. Myanmar Bangladesh fisherman shot

    Myanmar police fire kills Bangladeshi fisherman

    Myanmar border guards opened fire on a Bangladeshi fishing boat in the Naf river that divides the countries on Monday (Feb 6), killing one ...
  5. Myanmar funeral

    Myanmar buries slain police in restive Rakhine as troops pour in

    Uniformed officers carried the wooden coffins draped with national flags through rain and thick mud before laying them to rest in a cemetery in ...