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  1. SIA business class dining

    Commentary: More than S$600 for first class meals? SIA isn't for everyone but that's just fine

    Recent initiatives by the airline, such as the Restaurant A380@Changi, remind us how SIA can’t lose sight of the premium market, says Dr Faizal ...
  2. Lee Ray Sheng, 20, packing breakfast of bee hoon for delivery to elderly beneficiaries

    Commentary: Uptick in corporate giving during COVID-19 is much more than just a PR exercise

    Businesses are re-positioning their role in society with more purposeful and sustainable contributions, says NVPC CEO Melissa Kwee.
  3. Chris Lee of multidisciplinary agency Asylum

    Creative Capital: The man behind National Gallery Singapore's logo and why he's a hit

    Creative director Chris Lee of Asylum combined graphic design with interior design – and made it a winning formula for 20 years.
  4. Hanoi, Vietnam street

    Commentary: Made in Van Phuc, these Vietnamese silk artisans are working against mass market consumerism

    The Vietnamese town in Hanoi has specialised in silk weaving since the 13th century, Grenoble Ecole de Management's Hung M Nguyen and Marcos ...
  5. Singapore Girls at NDP preview

    Commentary: Singapore Airlines' rebrand must not downplay the Singapore Girl

    While the Singapore Girl is SIA's most easily recognised icon, her popularity with passengers also strengthens the company's employment value ...
  6. New Content Item

    Commentary: Why a small Singapore construction firm ventured to Myanmar 30 years after its founding

    Soilbuild Construction Group took the plunge to expand overseas even though it was fully aware the move offered no guarantees of profit. Its ...