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  1. China medical

    Commentary: What's behind China's controversial Health Silk Road efforts

    The idea of a Health Silk Road predates the coronavirus outbreak and is a part of a growing Chinese brand of medical diplomacy, says Ngeow Chow Bing.
  2. New Content Item

    Commentary: Indonesia dreams of becoming a maritime fulcrum but obstacles stand in the way

    The Belt and Road Initiative can provide Indonesia financial and technical support. but they can only benefit if they understand how seaborn and ...
  3. New Content Item

    Commentary: An Italian port dreams of being the Singapore of the Adriatic Sea, as it awakens to China’s siren call

    The port of Trieste is home to only 200,000 but its strategic location is why Chinese investors are upbeat about its prospects as a key Belt and ...
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    Commentary: Caution rising in China beneath the Belt and Road Initiative's shiny facade

    Despite criticism and money-tight investors, Belt and Road initiatives projects can be potentially profitable and are already benefiting emerging ...
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    Commentary: Belt and Road Initiative, China’s biggest brand that is too big to fail

    China's Belt and Road Initiative is a marketing tool to promote Xi Jinping and the China Communist Party's right to rule, argues one observer.
  6. Sri Lanka Hambantota Port

    Growing doubts over China's Belt and Road projects in Southeast Asia

    China’s sprawling Belt and Road Initiative has largely been welcomed by Southeast Asian countries as an opportunity to fill critical gaps in their ...
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    Commentary: China's Belt and Road Initiative paved with risks, red herrings and rent-seeking behaviour

    Rather than getting distracted by criticism and misleading information, a more nuanced conversation about the BRI will do more to help resolve ...
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    Commentary: Belt Road Initiative a vision of a new global economic order, win-win collaboration

    It all depends on whether you take a short-term time frame that measures commercial returns, or a long-term outlook that looks at social, heritage ...