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  1. FILE PHOTO: BNY Mellon 2015 Oxford v Cambridge University Boat Race

    London bridge is falling down - so Boat Race relocates

    Next year's Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge will take place outside London for the first time since World War Two - because a bridge that ...
  2. 454th traditional diving competition in Mostar

    Daredevil divers plunge from Bosnian bridge in centuries-old tradition

    Divers hurled themselves from a 24-metre (79-ft) high Ottoman-era bridge in the Bosnian town of Mostar on Sunday, staging a centuries-old contest ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: 92nd Academy Awards - Oscars Photo Room - Hollywood

    Global film festival aims to bridge coronavirus distances

    The Cannes film festival was canceled and the September jamborees in Venice and Toronto are uncertain but this week movie lovers are being offered ...
  4. A collapsed bridge is seen on SP70 provincial roadway near Aulla, Italy

    Bridge on Genoa to Florence road collapses, two vehicles involved

    A bridge on a normally busy road in northern Italy collapsed on Wednesday (Apr 8) but only two drivers were caught up in the chaos, the fire ...
  5. FILE PHOTO: Carsten Spohr, Chairman of the Executive Board and Chief Executive Officer of Deutsche

    Lufthansa preparing 'air bridge' to supply Germany through epidemic

    Germany's largest airline, Lufthansa , is working with the government to prepare an "air bridge" to ensure that necessary goods would continue to ...
  6. New Content Item

    Commentary: China dreams big with the world's longest sea bridge

    The bridge is setting the stage for the next phase of China’s transformation, says one observer.
  7. Hong Kong residents on a day tour to Zhuhai snap selfies

    Taking a bus across the world's longest sea bridge: A correspondent's view

    Channel NewsAsia's Wei Du was one of the first people to travel along the world's longest sea bridge. She found that while the structure is ...