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  1. Bubble Tea Factory thumbnail
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    First look at The Bubble Tea Factory | CNA Lifestyle

    Southeast Asia's first bubble tea wonderland is opening in Singapore and boasts more than 10 multi-sensory rooms and installations centered around ...
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    How much sugar does bubble tea contain? We ran a lab test | Video

    The sweetest varieties of bubble tea could contain more sugar than some soft drinks - for instance, a cup of brown sugar boba milk tea has about 3 ...
  3. Photo Tapioca Land 3

    Bubble tea fans: There's a Tokyo theme park dedicated to your favourite drink

    This pop-up attraction in Harajuku is filled with all things boba, including a pit filled with giant balls that look like tapioca pearls.
  4. xing fu tang's signature brown sugar boba milk.

    Popular Taiwan bubble tea chain Xing Fu Tang opens in Singapore

    As part of its opening, it will give away 188 cups of brown sugar boba milk, a drink inspired by founder Edison Chen's childhood memories.
  5. The Alley FB page

    Taiwanese bubble tea chain The Alley coming to Singapore

    They are known for their handmade Deerioca tapioca pearls.
  6. Hey Tea queue bubble cheese cheezo tea

    How are HeyTea's crazy popular cheese teas made? Check out this video

    China’s bubble tea behemoth Heytea claims to have pioneered the unique beverage. And queues can stretch up to two hours in Singapore.