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  1. TP ep 32 - healthy bubble tea
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    Ep 32: Will We EVER Get Healthy Bubble Tea?

    Host Steve Chia goes in search of the elusive healthy bubble tea and finds out how drinking the sweetened beverage for a month has wrecked his health.
  2. TP ep 31 - bubble tea
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    Ep 31: What’s Our Obsession With Bubble Tea Doing To Us?

    We know it’s loaded with sugar, but we’re still addicted to it. In this first of two episodes, Steven Chia explores if there’s more behind our ...
  3. Bubble Tea Factory thumbnail
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    First look at The Bubble Tea Factory | CNA Lifestyle

    Southeast Asia's first bubble tea wonderland is opening in Singapore and boasts more than 10 multi-sensory rooms and installations centered around ...
  4. bubble tea file photo
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    How much sugar does bubble tea contain? We ran a lab test | Video

    The sweetest varieties of bubble tea could contain more sugar than some soft drinks - for instance, a cup of brown sugar boba milk tea has about 3 ...
  5. Martin Berry

    Gong Cha Korea's co-founder can navigate both Ferrari race cars and K-pop culture

    Venture capitalist Martin Berry, who orchestrated Gong Cha Group's global expansion, says an appetite for risk connects his entrepreneurialism and ...
  6. Shangri-La Bubble Tea Lava Cake

    Miss having a cup of bubble tea? Try these boba cakes and desserts instead

    It may be a while before bubble tea shops are back in business, but these boba-inspired sweet treats can satisfy your cravings in the meantime.
  7. Woman inside a cup of bubble tea drink

    Ode to bubble tea (or why I bought a 3kg bag of tapioca pearls)

    CNA Lifestyle’s Circuit Breaker Diaries series features musings on Singapore life in the time of coronavirus. Here’s something to chew on: An ...