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  1. Thai cave boys enter monkhood (3)

    Thai cave boys adopt saffron robes of Buddhist novices to honour dead rescuer

    Eleven boys from a football team, rescued from a flooded Thai cave in a drama that gripped global audiences, were ordained as Buddhist novices on ...
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    Beloved princes: Boys become Buddhist novices in Thailand

  3. Myanmar Ramadan 1

    Myanmar's Muslims mark Ramadan out in the cold

    Last month the madrassas in eastern Yangon were closed down by a Buddhist nationalist mob, one of a growing number of raids by resurgent ...
  4. Qingming eco guidelines 1

    Eco-friendly guidelines issued for Qingming Festival

    Also known as Tomb-Sweeping Day, Qingming Festival is a time for Buddhist and Taoist devotees to pay respects to their ancestors.
  5. killing in Thai south

    Hundreds march as shooting of boy shocks Thai south

    The death toll in Thailand's insurgency-torn south rose Thursday after suspected militants ambushed the car of a deputy village headman, shooting ...
  6. Religious education MOU

    Religious institutes sign agreement on inter-faith education

    The S Rajaratnam School of International Studies will work with the Buddhist College of Singapore, the Hindu Centre, MUIS Academy, the St Francis ...
  7. Myanmar anti-Rohingya march

    Buddhist hardliners stop Myanmar Muslim ceremony

    Hardline Buddhist nationalists stopped a Muslim religious ceremony in Yangon on Sunday, witnesses and organisers said, as Islamophobic tensions ...
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    Thai military government leader urges powerful monk Phra Dhammachayo to surrender

    The latest deadline for his surrender - extended over the last year - is set to pass on Wednesday night.
  9. Boudhanath Stupa

    Nepal's quake-damaged Boudhanath stupa reopens

    The white-domed golden stupa - the country's largest and one of the holiest sites of pilgrimage in Tibetan Buddhism - was left with deep cracks ...
  10. Rakhine residents flee

    Residents shaken as Myanmar troops hunt militants behind Rakhine raids

    Jolted by the recent attacks, thousands of Rakhine Buddhists living in the Maungdaw district have decided to leave their homes temporarily as a ...