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  1. A worker is seen outside the Tesla Inc. Gigafactory 2, which is also known as RiverBend, a joint ve

    Exclusive: Tesla's solar factory is exporting most of its cells - document

    The "great majority" of solar cells being produced at Tesla's factory in upstate New York are being sold overseas instead of being used in the ...
  2. Smoke rises from a burning cigarette in Bordeaux

    Treating cancer patients who smoke may cost extra US$3.4 billion each year

    When cancer patients are current smokers, their treatment is likely to be less effective and more expensive than if they quit smoking, a U.S.
  3. Jockeys compete in Chonburi's annual buffalo race festival in Chonburi province

    Fast and furious in the mud as Thai buffalo racers mark end of monsoon

    Scores of Thais took to their water buffaloes for muddy annual races on Tuesday, marking the end of the monsoon season and the beginning of the ...
  4. Buffalo Malaysia accident

    Dead buffalo gets stuck in SUV's sunroof after crash