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  1. AOA Jimin and Mina

    Former AOA member Mina reveals evidence of self-harm in response to Jimin's denial of alleged bullying

    In her most recent social media post, Mini has revealed that Jimin has since apologised and the other AOA members have also visited her.  
  2. Teenagers need help to deal with online harassment and bullying

    Commentary: Cyberbullying just keeps getting worse. Even COVID-19 hasn't dampened its spread

    It’s time to call out cyberbullies – children and adults, and examine our own social media habits lest we are unwitting bullies ourselves, says Dr ...
  3. The Big Read 200311 Bullying

    The Big Read: No child’s play when it comes to stamping out bullying in schools

    Teachers interviewed say tackling bullying in schools is not so straightforward and their approach may also not always satisfy parents. Not only ...
  4. Illustration of a bully

    Is your child a bully? How parents can spot the signs and what they should do

    What causes bullying and just how much of it is the fault of parents? Experts highlight certain behaviours to look out for – and how one should ...
  5. International outpouring of support after video of bullied Australian child goes viral

    Commentary: Many parents don’t know how to react when kids get bullied – and that’s okay

    It might not come naturally but parents eventually need to learn how to deal with such scenarios, including developing competencies and support ...
  6. K-pop star Sulli, a former member of the all-girl band f(x) had experienced online bullying

    Commentary: Who really killed South Korea celebrity Sulli?

    Is South Korea’s caustic obsession with celebrity to blame for the early demise of another young starlet? Steven Borowiec discusses the ...