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  1. Remarkable Living Destinations Blend

    The man selling American burgers to Parisians – in the most French way possible

    Blend founder Victor Garnier wants to bring people together through "burger-ness" – and meat from one of the best butchers in the world.
  2. FILE PHOTO A Wendy's fast food restaurant is seen in Los Angeles

    Wendy's North America same-restaurant sales top estimates

    U.S. burger chain Wendy's Co on Tuesday topped Wall Street targets for sales at established outlets in North America, led by the popularity of ...
  3. Big MAc inventor Jim Delligatti

    Big Mac inventor dies at age 98

    Michael "Jim" Delligatti laid claim to one of the most indelible inventions in American cuisine since sliced bread -- a double hamburger with two ...
  4. (fr) Sawan Serasinghe McD indulgence

    Aussie shuttler marks Olympic exit with massive McDonald's meal

    Sawan Serasinghe marked his loss with a celebratory cheat meal of Olympic proportions, including several burgers and scores of chicken nuggets.
  5. salted egg yolk burger

    McDonald's Singapore launches menu inspired by local flavours

    From Thursday (Jun 30), McDonald's Singapore will introduce the salted egg yolk chicken burger, Twist and Shake fries with salt and pepper ...