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  1. Ep 2
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    Ep 2: The Pigeon’s Blood Ruby

    Chasing a rare Pigeon’s Blood Ruby, Shahzeem works with a colleague in Indonesia. A new client is after a rare Blue Sapphire. Shahzeem contacts an ...
  2. FY2122 Ep 5: Seeking Refuge
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    Ep 5: Seeking Safety

    Following the coup in Myanmar, neighbouring Thailand braces for a potential humanitarian crisis as villagers near the border flee increased ...
  3. FY2122 Ep 3: Defending Democracy
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    Ep 3: Defending Democracy

    The voices of defiance, heartbreak and caution over the crisis in Myanmar. Our correspondents speak to protesters who risk it all to show their ...
  4. Ep 1
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    Ep 1: Military In Politics: Myanmar

    Will the violence and mass protests in Myanmar help restore democracy in the country?